Cupping (Ḥijāmat)

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Ḥijāmat is literally derived from an Arabic word ‘ḥajm’ which stands for volume, but technically used for “to suck”. It is a technique in which a cup is applied over the surface of skin by creating vacuum, and it is known as dry cupping (Ḥijāmat bilā Shar\) (Figure 18). Sometimes, scarification is done at the location of cupping to draw blood from the body part to relieve internal congestion, and this process is known as wet cupping (Ḥijāmat bi’l-Shar\) .

Galen performing Cupping Therapy

The objectives of Cupping are as follows:

  1. To eliminate/divert the morbid material

  2. To enhance the blood supply and correct cold temperament or to rectify the temperament of a particular organ

  3. To achieve antispasmodic and detoxifying effect

  4. To evacuate waste products through skin



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