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All About Elective Courses in BUMS Programme and How to Complete Them

Updated: Jul 29, 2023


Elective courses play a vital role in the Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S) curriculum, offering students the opportunity to explore diverse allied subjects, fostering an inter-disciplinary approach. These electives are conducted as online programs, providing flexibility and convenience to students. In this blog post, we will delve into the structure of elective courses, their evaluation process, and the steps to successfully complete them.

Elective course website interface (

The Structure of Elective Courses:

Duration and Modules:

Each elective subject spans 45 hours and is divided into five modules. Each module consists of nine hours, comprising five hours of teaching, two hours of guided learning, one hour for expert interaction/reflection, and one hour for assessment. Consequently, each elective includes 25 hours of teaching, 10 hours of guided learning, 5 hours of expert interaction/reflection, and 5 hours of assessment, comprising five assessments of one hour each.

Structure of elective courses
Structure of elective courses

Teaching Methodology:

Teaching in elective courses includes various multimedia elements such as video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, audio lectures, video clippings, audio clippings, technical images, and study materials. These methods facilitate effective learning and engagement.

Study Hours:

The study hours required for completing the elective courses are additional to the prescribed teaching hours of the B.U.M.S program.

Evaluation of Elective Courses:

Attendance and Assessment:

Electives are evaluated based on attendance and performance in assessments. For each modular program, a student can earn one credit by attending a minimum of five hours. A maximum of five credits can be obtained for each elective.


The assessment scores are used to determine the grades for the electives. The grading system is as follows:

  • Bronze: Up to 25%

  • Silver: 26% - 50%

  • Gold: 51% - 75%

  • Platinum: 76% and above

Credits and grading (platinum in this example), awarded automatically after completion of all modules

Minimum Electives Required:

To successfully complete a professional session, a student must qualify for a minimum of three elective subjects.

Minimum Electives Required

Elective Subjects and Marks Allocation:

The elective courses are categorized under three sets (A, B, and C) for each professional session (first, second, and third). Students can select one elective from each set corresponding to their respective professional B.U.M.S session.

The weightage of two marks is awarded for each credit earned in an elective, with a maximum of ten marks for each elective. These elective marks are added to the viva-voce marks of respective subjects in the B.U.M.S program.

Elective Subjects for First Professional B.U.M.S:

  1. Kulliyat Umoore Tabiya (Basic Principles of Unani Medicine) - SET-FA

  2. Tashreehul Badan (Anatomy) Paper I and Paper II - SET-FB

  3. Manafeul-Aza (Physiology) Paper I and Paper II - SET-FC

Elective Subjects for Second Professional B.U.M.S:

  1. Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (Preventive and Social Medicine) - SET-SA

  2. Ilme Tibbe Qanoon wa Ilmul Samoom (Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology) - SET-SB

  3. Sareeriyat wa Usoole Ilaj (Bedside Clinic and Principles of Management) - SET-SC

Elective Subjects for Third Professional B.U.M.S:

  1. Ain, Uzn, Anf, Halaq wa Asnan (Ophthalmology, ENT and Dentistry) - SET-TA

  2. Amraze Jild wa Tazeeniyat (Dermatology and Cosmetology) - SET-TB

  3. Ilaj bit Tadabeer (Regimenal Therapy) - SET-TC

Steps to Complete Elective Courses:

To successfully complete elective courses in Unani Medicine, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Electives Portal: Visit the website and log in using the provided NCISM ID and password issued by your college.

  2. Select Professional and Respective Set: Choose the professional session (first, second, or third) and select the elective courses from the respective set.

  3. Add Courses to Cart: Add three courses from each set to your cart and proceed to payment. The cost per course is Rs. 500, with an 18% GST.

  4. Make Payment: Complete the payment process for the selected courses.

  5. Access Course Materials: After the payment, open the course and access the available videos. Explore the guided learning section and read the provided content.

  6. Take Assessments: Click on the assessment button to take the module assessments.

  7. Attend Live Classes: Stay updated with the live class schedule announced on the website and actively participate in the live sessions.

  8. Credit Allocation: Each elective course awards credits for various activities:

    • Watching videos: 2 credits

    • Opening and reading guided learning content: 1 credit

    • Completing assessments: 1 credit

    • Attending live classes: 1 credit

9. Grading: Grades are assigned based on performance and are independent of marks obtained. The grades (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) will be mentioned on the certificate provided for each elective.

10. Additional Electives: Besides the three mandatory electives for each professional session, students have the freedom to choose and qualify for additional electives based on their interests. However, marks weightage will only be given for three electives per professional session (one elective subject from each set).

Take home message:

Elective courses in Unani Medicine provide students with a platform to explore diverse subjects beyond the core curriculum. By following the outlined steps and actively engaging in the learning process, students can complete these electives successfully. The integration of elective marks with the main subjects adds value to the overall academic performance, and the certificates received serve as a testament to the knowledge gained and skills acquired through these elective courses.


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