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WHO - Standard Unani Terminologies

Didan al-Am‘a’

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Infestation of worms in the intestines. The intestinal worms are produced as a result of putrefaction of phlegmatic fluids of the intestine. It is of four types: Hayyat (roundworm), Mustadira (hookworm), Mu‘tarida/Habb al-Qar‘ (tape worm), Sighar (thread worm). Hayyat (roundworm) are found in the upper part of intestine. Mustadira (hookworm), are found in the caecum, colon. Mu‘tarida (tape worm) are found in the caecum. Sighar (thread worm) are found in rectum.General symptoms include decreased or increased appetite, tenesmus, irritation of intestine, excessive salivation, grinding of teeth during sleep, nausea after meals, restlessness, heaviness of head, irritative behaviour, delirium, headache, tinnitus, nightmares, breathlessness, epilepsy, colic, syncope,
coma etc. Its possible English equivalent is worms infestation.

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The following Arabic letters have been transliterated with diacritical marks as mentioned against each:

Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 11.40.51 AM.png

The following Persian letters have been transliterated with diacritical marks as expressed against each:

Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 11.41.25 AM.png
  • ء/أ-has been transliterated with elevated coma (’) if used in the mid or end of the word followed by a relevant vowel and this elevated coma is not expressed at the beginning and only related vowel has been used directly.

  • Letter ع is transliterated as elevated inverted comma (‘).

  • Letter و as an Arabic letter is transliterated as w and as Persian/Urdu letter is transliterated

    as v.

  • ة and ہ are not expressed in both pauses and construct forms.

  • Article ال is transliterated as al- (’l- in construct form) whether followed by a moon or a sun letter.

  • و as a Persian/Urdu conjunction is transliterated as ( o ) and as Arabic conjunction is transliterated as wa-.

  • Short vowel (ِ۔ ِ) in Persian/Urdu passive or in conjunction form is transliterated as (-i).

  • Double letters have been expressed as follows:

  • uww= ّو

  • iyy = ّی

  • Short & long vowels and Diphthongs are used in the following form:

Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 11.51.30 AM.png
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