Frequently asked questions

How many papers I create in unlimited paid plan?

You can create unlimited papers & worksheets for all subjects and classes in paid plan.

What is the validity of unlimited plan?

365 days.

How many classes & subjects are covered in unlimited pain plan?

You can choose 2 subjects and 4 classes when you register. For example, you can choose class 9th to 12th Mathematics subject and 11th & 12th Physics subject together. For any clarification, please call us at +91-7498285310.

Where can I access this platform, i.e. Mobile or Laptop?

The platform is both mobile & desktop friendly. Since it is a browser based app, you can use it on any device.

What is the source of questions on this platform?

The questions are taken from NCERT books, Exemplar and Top Reference books. We have over 300,000 questions available for all classes & subjects.