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Unani approaches to the method of formulating a Murakkab (compound drug formulation)

Monis Mohd, G. Sofi, Nasreen Jahan, Zarreen Baig

Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine xxx (2017) 1-6


Murakkab drugs of Unani medicine have remained an important aspect of disease treatment since an- tiquity. Physicians prepared different formulations for various diseases. The formulations thus prepared have always been of two categories. One category of Murakkab drugs was those which were formulated empirically and remained in use without conceptual framework behind these formulations. These for- mulations were categorized as Mujarrab (tested) formulations. The other category of formulations was prepared in consideration with theoretical framework of Mizaj (temperament) and Usoole ilaj (treatment strategy) and then tested by physicians. This category forms a large chunk of formulations in the for- mulary sections of the literature of Unani medicine. Present paper explores various approaches for formulating Murakkab drugs of the second category keeping in view the actions of the ingredients of the drug formulation, and treatment strategy of the disease for which the formulation was prepared. It elucidates the approaches of formulating compound drug formulations with the logic of including various individual ingredients. The study exemplifies two compound formulations to illustrate the ap- proaches used to formulate compound formulations of Unani medicine.

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