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Therapeutic Potential of Evolvulus alsinoides

Mantasha Binth Siraj, Asim Ali Khan, Umar Jahangir*

Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics. 2019; 9(4-s):696-701


Background: Evolvulus alsinoidesis a well-known herbal drug possessing various promising medicinal properties described by prominent ancient scholars and also numerous preclinical and clinical researches has been performed, thus at testing it’s ample of pharmacological actions. So, thorough review of classical as well as contemporary literature has been executed on Evolvulus alsinoides to validate the pharmacological actions mentioned. . Methods: For classical review, a comprehensive search of Unani literature is done and for latest research work on evolvulus, articles published in English language using PubMed, MEDLINE, and the Google scholar with search term including Sahnkpushpi, sankhaoli, Evolvulus alsinoides since 1991 to 2019 is done. Results: The search includes contemporary literature, ethnomedicinal sources and 35 research articles from 1992 to 2019 which further ascertains various pharmacological actions being mentioned in Unani literature including anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, anti-helminthic, anti-consultant and nootropic property of herb. Conclusion: The pharmacological action and therapeutic application of Shankhaholi/ Shankpushpi which is mentioned in classical Unani literature are in accordance with latest research. Despite of having several researches on Evolvulus alsinoides there are still numerous indications mentioned in classical literature which are yet to be explored.

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