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Study of Diuretic Activity of Tukhm Karafs (Seeds of Apium graveolens L.) in Albino Rats

I.M.H. Tabarak, Ghufran Ahmad*, Nasreen Jahan, Ghulamuddin Sofi

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine January - March 2013, Vol. 8 No. 1, Pages 1-9


Hydroalcoholic extract of Tukhm Karafs (seeds of Apium graveolens Linn) was studied for diuretic effect on Wistar albino rats divided into 4 groups of 6 animals each. Animals were treated with 1 ml of distilled water (Group I), 4 mg/kg of Furoseminde (Gropu II) and 150 mg/kg and 300 mg/kg of the test drug (Group II & IV, respectively) by oral route with the help of a gastric cannula. The animals were placed singly in metabolic cages and urine sample of each animal was collected after 12 hours to determine the diuretic activity. The volume of the urine and the concentration of sodium and chloride in it were found increased significantly showing diuretic activity. An increase in sum total of sodium and chloride and the sodium and potassium ratio demonstrated saluretic and natriuretic activity, respecyively. The study demonstrated that Tukhm Karafs possesses diuretic, saluretic and natriuretic activity.

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