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Studies on Physicochemical Standardization and Antibacterial Activity of ‘Jawarishe-Zanjabeel’ – A Unani Polyherbal Formulation

Rampratap Meena, P. Meera Devi Sri, D. Ramasamy, S. Mageswari, M. Abdul Kareem and Shamshad Ahmed Khan

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine, January - March 2012, Vol. 7 No. 2, Pages 135-143


The compound drug Jawarish-e-Zanjabeel is a poly herbal Unani drug. It is being used in the various ailments like diarrhea, anorexia and flatulence in the stomach. The present study was designed to evaluate the pharmacopoeial standards, WHO parameters, antibacterial activity and MIC of the drug. The quality control parameters like microbial content, heavy metals, aflatoxin and pesticidial residues were found within permissible limits. The antimicrobial study revealed that the drug has potent activity against the uropathogenic organisms responsible for urinary infections like uretritis, cystitis, pyelonepritis, acute prostatitis and urosepsis. On comparison the drug exhibited higher degree of activity against all the the E.coli strains whereas moderate to low activity against the other tested organisms at 50 mg/ml concentration.

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