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Standardiztion of Unani Ointments- ‘Marham Kafoor’

S.H. Afaq, Tajuddin, Shamshad Ahmad, Abdullah and Azizur Rahman

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine October - December 2012, Vol. 7 No. 4, Pages 23-30


Marahim (Ointments) are the importantformulations of Unani System of Treatments, used as topical applicant for cuts,pains and abrasions etc. Most of the ointments contain mineral and/or plantproducts that vary from formulation to formulation. No work on standardization

of ‘Marahim’ (Ointments) has been done till date, therefore, a series of the work on different ointments of Unani System of Medicine have been started and in the present paper the works on standardization and quality assurance of an ointment (Marhaam kafoor) are reported. The parameters that are selected are those that are recommended by National Unani Pharmacopoea Committee. ‘Marham Kafoor’ is a white, semisolid compound with camphorous smell. Its action in mentioned as ‘Mubarrid’ and ‘Daf-e-Taffun’, in Unani literature and the mode of administration is topical (Anonymous, 1971; Anonymous, 2008). The parameters that are studied are Total ash (8.33%), Acid insoluble ash (0.82%), Water soluble ash (0.15%), Alcohol soluble matter (5.84%), Water soluble matter (1.00%), Pet. ether soluble matter (36.23 %), Water content (4.22%), Loss on drying (5.5%), Total Zinc as Zinc oxide (0.8-0.9%) and Congealing point (62 - 650C). Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) profile are also used for finalizing the marker compounds. The heavy metals, aflotoxins and pesticidal residue are not detected. No microbs were noted in the final product. In addition HPLC profile of ‘Marham Kafoor’ are also recorded for future reference.

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