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Standardization of Qurse-Ghafis- A Polyherbal Unani Formulation

Muhammad Anas, Naeem Ahmad Khan, K.M.Y.Amin and Aijaz Ahmed Khan

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine October - December 2013, Vol. 8 No. 4, Pages 27-37


Qurs-e-Ghafis (QG) is a compound formulation (tablet) of Unani medicine, mainly used in hepato-biliary disorders. It contains three drugs of plant origin that are described in Unani literature to possess hepatoprotective effect. In experimental studies QG and its ingredients have shown to possess hepatoprotective effect. Studies for the identity and quality assurance of the ingredients have also been conducted but the compound drug as such has not been standardized on physico- chemical and phytochemical parameters so as to ensure its quality. Therefore, in the present study QG was studied on certain physic-chemical and phytochemical parameters to determine the standards of its quality and purity. The parameters and protocol recommended for testing the AYUSH drugs were followed in this study.

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