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Safoof Jawahar Mohra (Classical Unani Formulation)- A Review

Masroor Ali Qureshi, Gulam Mohammed Husain, Munawwar Husain Kazmi and Mohammad Husain

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July – September 2017, Vol. 12, No. 3, Pages 65-84


There are several Unani formulations composed of herbs and minerals (particularly gems) which are used as Muqawwi-e-aam (general body tonic) for the purpose of improving functions of vital organs, increasing Hararat-e-ghareezi (metabolic heat) Rooh (vital energy or life force) and boosting the immune systems. The Safoof-e-Jawahar Mohra (SJM) is a classical Unani formulation reported for strengthening the cardiovascular system, brain and liver function. SJM is also scientifically evaluated in HIV positive individuals and found useful in the improvement of quality of life. In some cases the CD4 counts were also increased significantly.

Pharmacological actions of individual ingredients of SJM suggest that its beneficial effect may be exerted via diverse mechanisms on various organ systems / faculties. Some of their main actions and uses described in the Unani literature are (i) Zehar Mohra - described as vital organ tonic, exhilarant, protectors of quwa (faculties) and arwah (vital force) and detoxicant of body humours and the muscles toners; (ii) Marwareed (Pearl) - described as exhilarant, enhancers of body faculties and vital force, tonic for vital organs and anti-depressant; (iii) Warq- e-Tila (Gold leaves) - reported in Unani literature as general body tonic, tonic for heart and brain, purifier of body humours, anti-depressant, helps improving hararat-e-ghareezi and a good protective agent for general health and (iv) Narjeel Daryaee (Lodoicea seychellarum) - described in Unani literature as general tonic, enhancer of hararat-e-ghareezi, protector of body faculties and helps removing waste and toxic humours.

The Present review is not only focused on the classical uses of SJM but also presents a detailed account of various pharmacological activities reported on the individual ingredients of SJM.

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