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Physicochemical Study of a Unani Antipruritic Formulation- Safoof Kharish

Shahid Shah Chaudhary, Mohd Tariq, *Shariq Shamsi and Roohi Zaman

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine April - June 2014, Vol. 9 No. 2, Pages 21-30


Safoof Kharish is a compound formulation of Unani Medicine which acts as Daf-e-Ufoonat (antiseptic) and Jali (detergent), applied topically to treat Kharish and Hikka (pruritus). It contains one herbal drug i.e. Kamila (Mallotus philippinensis) and three mineral drugs i.e. Gandhak (Sulphur), Safeda kashghari (Zinc oxide) and Murdar Sang (Letharge). Till now no physico-chemical standards are available to assess the quality of the formulation. Therefore standardization of the finished product was done by evaluating the relevant organoleptic and physicochemical parameters like pH, ash values, extractive values, bulk density, tapped density, compressibility index, hausner’s ratio, angle of repose, TLC etc. The physicochemical characteristics obtained from this study will be helpful for quality evaluation and to set the Pharmacopoeial standards for Safoof Kharish.


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