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Pharmacopoeial Standard Development and Quality Assessment Studies of Asu. Drug RoughanE-Qaranfal or Laung Taila (Clove Oil)

Pawan Kumar Sagar, Murugeswaran R, Rampratap Meena, Mageswari S, Meera Devi Sri P, M A Rasheed N and Asiya Khanum

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July – September 2017, Vol. 12, No. 3, Pages 35-42


Roughan-e-Qaranfal or Laung Taila (Clove Oil) is useful for treatment of Dyspepsia, Indigestion or Acidity (Su-e-Hazam), Ozostomia, Oral Sepsis or relieving tastelessness and Bad breath, Toothache, Muscular pain (Waj-ul-Asnam), Analgesic (Musakkin-e-Alam), Hepatitis or Weakness of Liver (Zof-e-Kabid), Weakness of Stomach (Zof-e-Meda), Respiratory disorder, Asthma, Breathing difficulty etc. Three batch study samples of these compound formulations were prepared in the Pharmacy, DSRU, CRIUM, Hyderabad by employing authenticated standard methods. The quality assessment physico- chemical research data were investigated and the presence of Arachis oil, Cotton seed oil, Sesame oil and Mineral oil were found negative in clove oil samples. The TLC/HPTLC studies of petroleum ether extracts of the drug samples showed various spots along with their Rf values at UV-254nm, UV-366nm and in visible light by applying derivatizing agents, i.e. lodine vapors and 5% methanolic sulphuric acid reagent. The quality control and assurance studies results revealed the absence of hazardous and toxic contamination. The Rf values of separated spots also show the indication of enhanced presence of bioactive phytochemical


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