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Pharmacognostical and Physicochemical Studies of Ood-e-Balsan (Commiphora gileadensis (L.) C. Chr.) – A Unani Drug

S. Mageswari, Rampratap Meena, 1D Ramasamy, Meera Devi Sri P., Shamsul Arfin, Aminuddin and Rafath Mehmooda

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July - September 2013, Vol. 8 No. 3, Pages 123-133


Present study was undertaken to standardize the Unani single drug Ood-e-Balsan (Commiphora gileadensis (L.) C. Chr. Fam. – Burseraceae). Ood-e-Balsan (wood) is used in Unani System of Medicine to cure the ailments of epilepsy and nervine disorders. The drug samples were procured from raw drug dealers of Chennai and Hyderabad and standardize by employing pharmacognostical and physico-chemical methods. The quality control parameters were carried out as per WHO and AOAC guidelines to assess the quality of drug samples. Macroscopical studies revealed the presence of layers of papery bark on the outer surface of the wood. Microscopical studies showed the presence of cork cells, secondary cortex, secretory canals, stone cells, xylem vessels, uniseriate and multi-seriate rays and prisms of calcium oxalate crystals. The physico-chemical data showed that the drug contains moisture (8.53%, 8.68%), total ash (1.86%, 1.90%), acid in- soluble ash (0.42%, 0.39%) and solubility in alcohol (2.66%, 2.74%) and water (4.23%, 4.12%). TLC studies of chloroform and alcohol extract showed various spots at 254nm, 366nm and visible light (Vannilin – Sulphuric acid reagent). The quality control results revealed the absence of microbial load, heavy metal and aflatoxins from the drug. The obtained data of pharmacognostical and physico-chemical parameters will provide the referential supporting information in the identification and standardisation of the crude drug Ood-e-Balsan.

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