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Perception of health promotion in Unani herbal medicine

Azad Hussain Lone, Tanzeel Ahmad, Mohd Anwar, Gh Sofi, Hashmat Imam, Shahida Habib

Journal of Herbal Medicine


The Unani system of medicine is an age old, time tested system of Greek medicine dating back 2500 years. Like any other form of medical science, Unani medicine strives to find the best possible ways by which a person can lead a healthy life with minimum or zero sick- ness. Unani scholars believe that diseases can be kept at bay by the use of clean and fresh water, breathing clean air and consuming fresh food. Likewise, a balance should be main- tained between the mind and the body so that the metabolic processes can operate easily and the body wastes evacuated. Unani medicine believes in promotion of health, prevention of diseases and cures through regimental and diet therapies.

Keywords: Unani medicine, Regimental therapy, Dieto-therapy, Health promotion

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