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Evaluation of Anti-arthritic and Analgesic Effect of Unani Formulation Qurs-e-Mafasil Jadeed- A Preclinical Study

Mohd. Masihuzzaman Ansari and Naeem A. Khan

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July – September 2017, Vol. 12, No. 3, Pages 1-14


This study has been conducted to find out anti-arthritic and analgesic activity of Qurs-e-Mafasil Jadeed containing Colchicun luteum, Curcuma longa and gum of Acacia Arabica. In this study 2% aqueous suspension of qurs/tablet powder in gum acacia was used to determine its anti-arthritic and analgesic activity by Freund’s adjuvant arthritis test, Eddy’s hot plate test and Analgesiometer test. Efficacy of this Unani formulation was compared with standard referent drug, Diclofenac sodium. The findings of this study as per Freund’s adjuvant arthritis test, the lower, medium and higher doses of Aq. susp. of the test formulation were found to decrease the hind paw volume and ankle joint thickness significantly (p<0.01) as compared to the control group. Therefore, the study shows that all the three doses of aq. susp. of the test formulation possess a significant anti-arthritic activity. In Eddy’s hot-plate test and Analgesiometer test, the demonstration of a striking increase in reaction time shows that all the

doses of compound formulation possess a good analgesic activity.

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