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Ethnobotanical Survey of Konark Forests of District Puri, Odisha

Aminuddin, Mukesh Kumar, S. A. Hussaini, and L. Samiulla

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine April - June 2013, Vol. 8 No. 2, Pages 83-89


Based on an ethnobotanical field investigation of medicinal plants carried out in Konark forest range and adjacent areas of Puri Forest Division, Odisha, during December, 2011 - January, 2012, the paper presents 30 plant species widely used in the area for various purposes including treatment of different diseases and conditions either single or in combination with some other ingredients. The information on botanical name, family, local name, locality, voucher specimen number and folk uses are presented. Nevertheless, need for pharmacological studies and clinical trials on the reported folk medicines which can be used for the benefit of ailing humanity following investigations on their medical efficacy and safety has been re-stressed.

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