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Development of SOP’s and pharmacopoeial standards for Jawarish-e-Jalinoos

Rampratap Meena, S. Mageswari, D. Ramasamy, P. Meera Devi Sri, Jameeluddin Ahmed, Shamsul Arfin, Syed Shakir Jamil

journal of pharmacy research
journal of pharmacy research 7 (2013) 734-740


Background: Jawarish-e-Jalinoos is a Unani poly herbal compound formulations listed under the Majooniath category in National Formulary of Unani Medicine (NFUM), Part-I. It is used in various ailments such as Zof-e-Aza-Raeesa (weakness of the principle organs like brain, heart and liver), Zof-e-Meda (weakness of the stomach), Nafkh-e-Shikam (flatulence in the stomach) and Khafqan (palpitation).

Aim: Present study was undertaken to develop the Standard Operating Procedure for the preparation of drug Jawarish-e-Jalinoos and to evaluate its pharmacopoeial standards. Methods: To prepare the drug in different batches at laboratory scale using 18 single drugs were used. The drug was prepared as per the method prescribed in NFUM. To evaluate the pharmacopoeial standards and quality control parameters pharmacognostical, physico- chemical and WHO methods were followed.

Results: Microscopical studies show the presence of various characteristic features of single drugs used in the preparation viz., vessels elements with reticulate, scalariform, pitted; perisperm cells with angular and bulbous projections; pollen grains; fibre like sclereids; septate fibres; starch grains of various shapes and sizes; stone cells with horse shoe shaped thickening; druses of calcium oxalate crystals. The physico-chemical study shows pres- ence of moisture content 19.87%, ash content 0.8% and acid insoluble ash 0.20%. Alcohol and water soluble extractive value of the drug obtained were 40.80% and 62.78% respec- tively. Other parameters such as heavy metals, microbial load, aflatoxins and pesticidal residues were found within the permissible limit.

Conclusion: The evaluated data from this study will be helpful in laying down the SOP’s and pharmacopoeial standards for the drug Jawarish-e-Jalinoos.

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