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Development of Quality Standards on Jawarish-e-Kafoor Qawi – A Classical Unani Formulation

Rampratap Meena, S. Mageswari, D. Ramasamy, P. Meera Devi Sri, Shamsul Arfin, Aminuddin and Nitin Rai

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July - September 2014, Vol. 9 No. 3, Pages 127-140


The Unani system of medicine prescribes large number of classical herbal formulations to cure the different types of diseases. Jawarish-e-Kafoor Qawi a Unani herbal formulation is prepared in combination of ingredients like Kafoor, Zafran, Jauzbuwa, Filfil Siyah, Zanjabeel, Bisbasa, Darchini, Narmushk, Qirfa, Filfilmoya, Faranjmushk and Qand Safaid. The Unani Physicians prescribes the drug Jawarish-e-Kafoor Qawi to cure the ailments of Zof-e-Meda (Weakness of the stomach) and Nafkh-e-Shikam (Flatulence in the stomach). At present no pharmacopoeial standards on drug is available and it is basic requirement for the research on quality control of this drug. There is lack of standardization and proper documentation of Unani drugs. Based on the available sources an attempt is made to evaluate the drug on pharmacopoeial parameters to develop standards for the drug Jawarish-e- Kafoor Qawi. To evaluate the pharmacopoeial parameters of the drug, various parameters like powder microscopy, moisture content, ash values, bulk density, pH values, extractive values, TLC/HPTLC finger printing and other quality control parameters viz. heavy metals, microbial content, aflatoxins and pesticide residues are performed. The evaluated data will help to lay down pharmacopoeial standards for the drug ‘Jawarish-e-Kafoor Qawi’.

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