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Contraceptive Effect of Tukhme Sun (Seeds of Crotalaria juncea) in Experimental Animals

Jalis Ahmad, K.M.Y. Amin, S.H. Afaq and N.A. Khan

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Contraception, Anti ovulatory, Anti implantation, Antifertility, Crotalaria juncea


Tukhme Sun (Seeds of Crotalaria juncea) is one of the many plant drugs described in Unani literature to be useful in family planning. The powder of Tukhme Sun was studied for anti ovulatory effect in albino rats and rabbits and for anti implantation effect in albino rats. In the test for anti ovulatory effect in rats, all the animals were treated with 700 mg/kg of the test

drug for 10 days and the vaginal smear was examined daily for estrus/diestrus phase. Absence of diestrus phase was taken as the sign of contraception. In another test the rabbits were treated with the test drug (400 mg/kg) for three days and thereafter they were administered Cupric acetate to induce ovulation. After 48 hours the animals were laparotomized and the bleeding points in the uterus were observed. Test for anti implantation activity was carried out in pregnant rats after 10 days of treatment. The two horns of the uterus were observed for implantation sites after laparotomizing the animals. Tukhme Sun exhibited inhibition of ovulation in 80% and 77% of rats and rabbits, respectively. It also induced anti implantation effect in 40% of the animals. The study demonstrated that Crotalaria juncea possesses substantial anti ovulatory and moderate anti implantation activity.

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