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Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy of Asal-us-Soos,Alsi,Irsa, Barg-e-Adoosa and Honey on Chronic Bronchitis- A Preliminary Study

M. Manzar Alam, Abdul Mannan and Misbahuddin Siddiqi

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine January - March 2014, Vol. 9 No. 1, Pages 53-64


In the present study, efficacy of a Unani drug preparation (Asal-us-Soos, Alsi, Irsa, Barg-e-Adoosa and Honey) has been assessed on 70 cases of chronic bronchitis. Among these 60 completed the course of study, the results were found to be highly significant. Further investigations are suggested.

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