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Clinical Evaluation of a Unani Pharmacopoeial Formulation, Khameera Sandal Sada, in Zaght alDam Qawi Ibtidai (Primary Hypertension)

Shamshad Ahmad, M. M. H. Siddiqui, Abdul Nasir Ansari, Shaikh Imran and Merajul Haque

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine January - March 2014, Vol. 9 No. 1, Pages 41-51


Zaght al-Dam Qawi (Systemic Hypertension) is a clinical condition characterized by persistent rise in arterial blood pressure. It is the commonest cardiovascular disorder, posing a major public health challenge to population in socioeconomic and epidemiological transition. In Unani system of medicine the term hypertension has not been described as such and the term Zaght al-Dam Qawi is adopted as a translation of hypertension. In classical literature of Unani medicine most of the clinical features of Zaght al-Dam Qawi (hypertension) are mentioned under the heading of Imtala bi hasbil auiya. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the efficacy of Unani formulation, Khameera Sandal Sada, in the management of Zaght al-Dam Qawi Ibtidai on modern parameters. The study was a single blind randomized standard control trial with the test and control drug treatment.

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