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Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Habbe Gule Aakh, A polyherbal Unani formulation in animal models

B. Ganga, Abdul Wadud, Nasreen Jahan, Shaikh Ajij Ahmed Makbul

Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine xxx (2018) 1e5


Background: Habbe Gule Aakh is extensively used in Unani medicine for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.
Objective: To evaluate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of Habbe Gule Aakh on Wistar rats and Swiss mice of either sex.

Materials and methods: The study was carried out in Wistar rats for anti-inflammatory activity while Swiss mice were used for analgesic activity. In both the tests animals were divided into five groups of six animals each which served as control, standard and test groups A, B and C. For anti-inflammatory ac- tivity, method reported by Amman was followed. For analgesic activity, Koster's protocol was adapted. Results: Significant (P < 0.01) reduction in the paw volume was noted in all the test groups but less than the standard drug. Mean writhes of group B and C reduced significantly (P < 0.01) demonstrating analgesic effect.

Conclusion: The study validated the claim of Unani medicine of use of Habbe Gule Aakh in inflammation and pain. Further, phytochemical studies are needed to know the exact mechanism of action of this formulation.


Unani medicine, Inflammation, Pain, Habbe Gule Aakh, Writhing, Histamine, Acetic acid

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