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Acute and Sub-acute Oral Toxicity Studies of Majoon-IQ – A Unani Brain Tonic

Showkat A. Dar, Mariya Hamdani, Khalid Ghazanfar, Tazeen Nazir, Akbar Masood, Khalid M. Siddiqui, and Seema Akbar

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine April – June 2017, Vol. 12 No. 2, Pages 51-64


Majoon-e-IQ is a Unani herbal formulation and used as a brain tonic. The objective of this study was to investigate the acute and sub- acute oral toxicity of Majoon-IQ in Wistar Albino rats of either sex. Acute oral toxicity study was conducted as per OECD-425 guideline in which Majoon-IQ was administered at a dose level of 5000mg/kg b.w. to both male and female rats and the animals were then observed individually for 30 minutes, 4 hour post dosing and at least twice daily for 14 days. Sub-acute oral toxicity study was conducted as per OECD-407 guidelines. In sub-acute oral toxicity study Majoon-IQ was administered at the dose level of 4800 mg/kg b.w. in a single bolus everyday for 28 days. The rats were observed daily during the period of study. After overnight fasting, rats were sacrificed on 15th day and 29th day. Observation parameters included a comparative evaluation of the general appearance/behaviour, morbidity/mortality, body weights, food/water consumption, haematology parameters, bio-chemistry parameters and histopathology of major organs of treated and control groups. No any adverse effect was observed in both the toxicity studies indicating that Majoon-IQ is free from any toxic effects under the conditions of these studies.

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