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A Review on Low Back Pain with Special Reference to Cupping Therapy

Hashmat Imam, Mohammad Ishtiyaque Alam, Aisha Perveen, Mohammad Wasim Ahmed, Tasleem Ahmad, Najmus Sehar and Mahboob us Salam

Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine
Hippocratic Journal of Unani Medicine July - September 2016, Vol. 11 No. 3, Pages 9-19


Low back pain is discomfort, muscle tension or stiffness localized to the area around the lumbar spine. It is common with 80-90% of people getting it in their lives. It occurs in similar proportions in all cultures, interferes with quality of life and work performance, and is the most common reason for medical consultations. Few cases of back pain are due to specific causes while most of the cases are non-specific. There is specific treatment which can provide complete relief; patients require different manipulative therapies such as cupping therapy. Cupping therapy refers to a Unani regimenal mode of treatment. It is an ancient method which was practically used among the Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians. In fact it is a type of physical therapy which improves the subcutaneous blood flow, stimulates the autonomous nervous system and reduces the pain. Since there is no consensus on the role of cupping therapy in the treatment of low back pain, we reviewed the medical literature in an attempt to test its effectiveness in low back pain and to further examine this method.

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