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Medicinal benefits of Nigella sativa in bronchial asthma: A literature review

Abdulrahman Koshak, Emad Koshak, Michael Heinrich

Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal
Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 25 (2017) 1130–1136


Nigella sativa L. (NS) seeds, known as black seed, is a spice and a traditional herbal medicine used in var- ious diseases including bronchial asthma. This review aimed to assess the studies supporting the medic- inal use of NS in asthma and to highlight future research priorities. Various medical databases were searched for the effects of NS and its active secondary metabolites in asthma inflammation and outcomes. There were fourteen preclinical studies describing multiple effects of NS in animal or cellular models of asthma including bronchodilation, anti-histaminic, anti-inflammatory, anti-leukotrienes and immunomodulatory effects. Furthermore, seven clinical studies showed improvements in different asthma outcomes including symptoms, pulmonary function and laboratory parameters. However, often these studies are small and used ill-defined preparations. In conclusion, NS could be therapeutically ben- eficial in alleviating airway inflammation and the control of asthma symptoms, but the evidence remains scanty and is often based on poorly characterised preparations. Accordingly, well-designed large clinical studies using chemically well characterised NS preparation are required.

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